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Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC)

For the first time a 3 Meter Semi Anechoic Chamber for testing of EMI/EMC has been put-up in Haryana with a huge investment. There is one government sponsored test chamber at Electronics Regional Test Laboratory in Okhla, New Delhi. What makes this new chamber special is that it is the first private chamber launched in the Northern part of the country and one of its kind for the very first time in the state of Haryana”.

The following tests are offered as per relevant specifications – Radiated Emission, Radiated Immunity, Conducted Emission, Conducted Immunity, ESD, EFT, Surge, Voltage Fluctuation/Flicker, Voltage Surge Immunity and Voltage Dips/Interruptions Immunity.

The facility is now open for on-sight as well as in-house testing so that manufacturers of the Northern part of the country can seamlessly reach-out to BTHPL for testing their products.

Designer and manufacturer of Electrical,Electronics & IT products have a responsibility to ensure these work satisfactorily in an electro-magnetic environment. EMI/EMC tests are required to demonstrate compliance to various products safety and performance standard. Many countries have regulations for product that required EMI/EMC compliance such as the EMC Directive in Europe. Soon these regulations are coming in India. TEC has already issued Directive to this effect.

Testing for EMC Compliance at site

BTHPL spreads its wings by accepting a challenging task of ON-SITE Testing for EMI/EMC Compliance of ALSTOM locomotive manufactured for Indian Railway. The testing was conducted round the clock for four days in Saharanpur railway yard in UP