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Adhesives,Adhesives-Tapes, Paints, Varnishes & Related Products

Due to the recent past industrialization and unprecedented growth of Indian economy, there has been a significant growth in the infrastructure, industrial production etc. thus increase in the consumption of various key raw materials used for the end-product/end-users that assist in the improvement of overall quality. This has also brought remarkable technological advancement in the Paints, Adhesives, Varnishes as well as various Coatings materials where wide-spread applications have emerged especially due to know-how transfer of work culture/environment thus high quality work atmosphere/life style. These products(materials) not only improve the Aesthetics, Ergonomics & Design of the products but also increases the durability and life of the products/surfaces where applied/used.

Thus looking into the market demand for testing labs to analyze these products, BTH created test facility to serve its customers that are located in Delhi & NCR, india. This facility is serving the regular customers as per the IS requirements/specifications as well as their specific requirement as needed. The existing test facility also includes test requirements for various Adhesives & Adhesive tapes that go hand in hand of Paints, Varnishes and related products.

S.No.  Tests Parameters Related Standards
01 Qualitative Tests IS 7437; IS 848; IS 4835 & IS 2257
Self Adhesives Tapes
01 Qualitative Tests IS 2448; IS 7084; IS 7755; IS 1203 & IS 1205
02 Complete Packege IS 5577
Paint Varnishes & Related Tests
01 Qualitative Tests IS 101(pt 1 to pt 9) &IS 6947 (pt 1) Selective As per IS