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Presently BTH Group also have testing facility to cover automobile items that fall into various category covering products/accessories/assemblies made of Rubber & Polymers, Metals & Alloys, Petroleum, Paints, Enamel & Varnish coatings, Electrical Wires, Batteries, Tyres, Adhesives, Relays, Automotive Lamps & Luminaires etc. Some of the automotive items are required to undergo testing as per the automotive standards requirements under EMI/EMC, Environmental, ROHS, Photometry etc where BTH has the test facility under single umbrella.

There are thousands of parts/components which constitute a complete automobile(CAR). Many of the components/sub-units/sub-assemblies that ensures/part of the safety & reliability of the automobiles, has to undergo required tests before being fitted. It also include compliance to EMI/EMC for Electrical/Electronic components, Electro-mechanical covering Motors, Alternators/Dynamos, Relays, Electro-clutches, drives, gears, vipers, electro-valves, sensors, wires, Lamps, Indicators, Electro-magnetic safety locks etc.

BTH has the capability to test and verify various assemblies especially for compliance to EMI/EMC.