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Secondary batteries play an essential role, usually as a source of standby power, in many areas of business and commerce, such as telecom and data centers. To ensure those batteries deliver their full performance when called upon to do so, you must rely on a regular testing regime.

Many dedicated test labs across the country have rendered their testing and development services especially in Delhi & NCR due to increasing demand for portable dc power has risen from improvements in battery. BTH also was fortunate enough and had the opportunity to serve various agencies engaged in the battery testing due to rechargeable batteries appear in all types of products from analytical electronic equipment to power tools and toys.

With the focus on lithium-ion technology, In Bharat Test House batteries are tested for performance and stability under predefined environmental conditions. BTH has over fifteen years of experience in this area of testing.

Following test facilities are offered to the customers-
• Temperature and climate change tests
• Vibration and shock tests
• Corrosion and noxious gas tests
• Electromagnetic compatibility tests
• Battery cycling tests