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Consumer Durable & White Goods

Domestic Electric Clothes Washing Machines: BTHPL has become one of the very few test labs in India to have test facility to conduct various Performance Tests of different Category & Capacity of Domestic Washing Machines as per current Indian Standards (IS 14155:1994) & International Standard(IEC 60456-2010). This established test facility covers Fully Automatic & Semi-automatic as well as Front Loading & Top-loading type. The test facility for Performance Tests covers Determination of Washing Performance; Determination of Wear Suffered by Textile; Rinsing Efficiency; Water Extracting Efficiency; Determination of Water & Energy Consumption Etc. This test facility will also address the requirements of washing machine manufacturers on obtaining the Energy Rating Labels from Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) under Voluntary Scheme as per Standards & Labeling Program of India.

Household Refrigerating Appliances– Refrigerators (Direct Cool & Frost Free): BTHPL has added another feather to its cap to have the test facility for Domestic Refrigerators in Direct Cool (IS 1476 Pt-1/IEC60335-2 & 60704-2-14) & Frost Free(IS 15750:2006; BS/EN/ISO8561:1996; IEC60335-2 & IEC 60704-2-14) Category where it was able to join a select group of limited test labs in India to be able to test under BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Mandatory Scheme as per the current National & International Standards including as per the key requirements of Standard & Labeling program of Bureau of Energy Efficiency.