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EMC / EMI Compliance

EMI/EMC applies to most of the equipment using electrical energy susceptible to generating undesirable electronic noises. Presently equipment that are covered under the EMC/EMI requirements are from Consumer Electronics, Power Electronics, Electric Motors, Automobiles/Equipments/Accessories, Industrial Scientific Medical(ISM) Equipments, Power Lines & Conductors Electronics Surveillance Devices, Wireless Devices, Telecom Equipments/Devices, Mobile Phones & Towers, IC Engines, Household & Kitchen Appliances, Electrical Tools, Electrical Lighting, IT Equipments, Induction Heating, Electro Static Discharge(ISD), Industrial Plants, Power System, High Altitude Equipments etc.

This is a test of paramount importance and soon EMI/EMC is likely to be made mandatory. BTHPL is the only Non-Govt. testing lab in india, for EMI/EMC as per EN, IEC, CISPR, MIL, Automotive & Telecom Standards. Test facility covers OATS for RE and other tests as per CISPR-11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 22 & IEC 61000-4 & EN-55011, 55015. BTHPL is in advance stage of setting-up Semi-Anechoic Chamber.

The state-of-the-art test facility of BTHPL has facility of EMI/EMC of 10 meter open site & shielded room for CE. The test facilities are approved by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) & IC(Industry Canada). The test facilities covers CISPR-11, CISPR-13, CISPR-14, CISPR-15, CISPR-16, CISPR-22, IEC 61000-4, EN 55011, EN-55014 & EN-55015(Brochure attached herewith). The current test facility is expanded to house semi-an-echoic chamber to meet the growing demand of customers as well as regulatory requirements

    Standards Covering:
  • Commercial standards as per all CISPR.
  • Automotive Standards as per AIS.
  • CE Marking.
  • All the immunity standards as per IEC 61000 series.
  • WPC/TEC/ER/IR/GR Standards.
  • All National/International Commercial Standards.
  • Radio Frequency Directives
    Products Covering:
  • Lighting Devices Lighting Devices, CISPR 15
  • Automobiles, CISPR 12 & 25
  • Telecom Equipments CISPR 22 & 24
  • Electrical Equipments, CISPR 14
  • Medical Devices, CISPR 11
  • Wireless Devices, CISPR 22 & 24
  • ITE & Electronic Products CISPR 22 & 24
  • RF & Antennas, CISPR 22 & 24