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Electrical Products Appliances & Power Electronics

BTHPL was established while looking into the growing demand from the various committed customers. It had established the excellent test facility and has been fully operational to conduct testing for Electrical, Electronics & Calibration disciplines. The Electrical, Electronics category covers Consumer Durables & White Goods, Electrical Home Appliances, Lamps & Luminaires, Photometry, Industrial & Household Wires & Cables, Pump-sets and Motors etc. The existing test facility was regularly expanded to cater to the growing demand of customers, where research & development studies for up-gradation of the products as well as new products testing are undertaken.

The entire infrastructure is one of the major test facilities of India in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Consumer durable, Photometry, EMI/EMC, Telecom, Wireless Devices, Solar PV Lighting, Environment testing and related products testing. The existing test facility also covers the test requirements of Standards & Labeling(S&L) program for Electrical Appliances of Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) as well as check testing of LED Lamps & Street lights & EE Ceiling fans of Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL), Government of India.

The same test facility was further expanded to cover products from Power Electronics covering Uninterruptible Power Systems(UPS) Solid State Inverters Run from Storage Batteries, Power Converters for use in photovoltaic, Servo-motor operated Automatic Line Voltage Correctors, Correctors for single phase applications, Automatic Line Voltage Correctors(Step Type) for Domestic Use, Voltage Stabilizers etc.