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Food & Agriculture Poducts

One of the core operations services of BTH also includes test facility for the Food and Agriculture products in the field of Physico-Chemical tests including Toxic/Heavy metals, Micro-biological Organoleptic/Sensory tests. The existing test facility under the Food Agro product category covers the laid down requirements of the relevant Indian Standards as well as of Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This covers individual raw foods from Cereals, Pulses, spices etc. as well as packaged/processed Food Products including Oils & Fats.

We are one of the Testing Lab in North India, NABL accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025 who are also approved by FSSAI for chemical and biological testing of food and agricultural products.

BTH is having more than fifteen years experience as an independent food testing lab. Our services are offered to all the needy customers as well as individual for the food testing where the services are needed for compliance, adulteration or qualitative verification.

Some of the salient features of BTH reveals its credibility are as follow:

  • BTH Delhi is approved under Canteen Stores Departments (CSD), Ministry of Defence to test their products for Compliance before being sold through the largest and countrywide retail chain, to the defence personnel and other beneficiaries.
  • BTH Delhi is approved by AGMARK, Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, to test different variety of Agro based products.
  • BTH is also associated with NAFED to test the products for compliance when procured by them for further distribution to the masses/beneficiaries.
S.No. Products Standards
01 Almond FSSAI
02 Aniseed FSSAI
03 Annatto FSSAI
04 Arrowroot/Sago FSSAI
05 Bura,Gur,Jaggery,Cube Sugar,Khandsari (Desi) FSSAI
06 Tea,Coffee,Soluble Coffee & Instant Coffee FSSAI
07 Chilli,Turmeric,Ginger,Curry,Corriander & Cumin Powders FSSAI
08 Whole Spices & Powders, incld.Asafoetida,Pepper FSSAI
09 Tomato Juice,Puree,Paste, Ketchup,Sauce & Soya FSSAI
10 Edible Oils:Soya,Cottonseed,Rice Bran,Palm,Coconut FSSAI
11 Fruit Chutney/Syrup,Squash,Concentrate,Lemon Juice etc. FSSAI
12 Pickles FSSAI
13 Mango Nectar,Mango Pulp FSSAI
14 Saffron FSSAI
15 Chicory FSSAI
16 Catechu FSSAI
17 Caramel FSSAI

BTH Lab is Empanelled with FSSAI for drawing market samples & testing of  food products