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Lamps & Luminaires

The Lamps & Luminaires industry is continue to be the fastest developing & growing Industry across the globe where substantial and significant growth has taken place during the past 5-8 yrs. Due to that, particularly GLS lamps are on the verge of extinction replaced by CFLs. The tube lights (TFLs) are also passing through the transition stage where slimmest version T-5 has substituted the fatter T-8 and T-12 category. Further these category is fast being substituted by the long-lasting & more energy efficient LED Tube light.

Now latest, more compact, safe as well highly durable & efficient LED lightings especially retrofitting/integrated LED lamps, Street Lights, down-lighters and Luminaires have fast replaced the regularly used Lamps/lighting including CFLs and commercial lightings that also cover flood lights etc. Thus, testing & research support from the credible test labs have become equally challenging to match the current radical change and meet the growing demand of Luminaires Industry for the latest facilities to meet the current requirement of National & International standards.

In India, BTHPL has also kept pace with the development of technology and sustained with the creation & augmentation on test facility that covers various Luminaires including TFLs, CFLs, all LED lightings(Bulbs, Street & Flood Lights, Hand Lamps, Emergency Lamps, Hospital Lights) as well as commercial lightings for Safety & Quality performance tests. The test far as per IS & IEC specifications to cater to the Industry’s requirements. The latest installed test facility is accredited by NABL for all the LED Lamps & Luminaires covering LM-79 & LM-80 conducted through sophisticated & accurate C-Type Goniophotometer as well as high-tech instrument to conduct performance tests.

S.No. Accredited Product Category Related Standard
01 Self Ballasted CFL: Safety & Performance IS: 15111 Pt.1 & 2
02 Luminaries: General Purpose & Street Light IS: 10322
03 TFLs (T-12;T-8 & T-5) IS: 2418
04 Self Ballasted LED Lamps-Safety IS: 16102-Pt.1 & IEC 62560
05 Self Ballasted LED Lamps-Performance IS: 16102-Pt.2& IEC 62612
06 Solid State Lighting (LED) products IS:16106 & IEC/TS 62504
07 LED Modules for General Lighting Part-2 Performance IS 16103 (Pt. 2) :2012
08 Electronic Control Gear for LED Modules Performance IS: 16104:2012
09 Method of Measurement of Lumen Maint. of Solid State Light (SSL) Sources: LED IS: 16105 :2012 & LM 80
10 Method of Electrical & Photometric Measurements of SSL (LED) Product IS: 16106: 2012 & LM 79
11 Luminaires: General Purpose & Street Light IS: 10322-5-1
12 Recessed LED Luminaires IS: 10322-5-2
13 LED Luminaires for Road and Street lighting IS: 10322-5-3
14 LED Flood Lights IS: 10322-5-5
15 LED Hand Lamps IS: 10322-5-6
16 LED Lighting Chains IS: 10322-5-7
17 LED Luminaires for Emergency Lighting IS: 10322-5-8
18 AC Supplied Electronic Ballasts for TFLs IS:13021
19 Ballasts: Acceptance tests IS: 1534 & IEC 60921
20 Starter for fluorescent lamp: acceptance IS: 2215
21 Tube Holder: acceptance tests IS: 3323
22 Tungsten Filament Lamps for Domestic and Similar General Lighting Purposes IS: 15518-1:2004, IS: 418:2004
23 Fluorescent Lamps IES LM-9-09, IES LM–40-10 & ANSI C78.376
24 Single-Ended Compact Fluorescent Lamps IES LM-66-11 & IES LM-58:2013
25 Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires IES LM -41-14, IES LM-58: 2013, CIE Pub. 15: 2004 & ANSI C78.376: 2001
26 Double-Capped Fluorescent Lamps IEC 60081 & ANSI C78.81
27 Insitu Measurement Test ANSI/UL 1598: 2012
28 Floodlights Using Incandescent Filament or Discharge Lamps (For IESNA Type 4, 5, 6 & 7) IESNA LM-35-02
29 Indoor Luminaries Using HID of Incandescent Filament Lamps IESNA LM-46-04
30 Lumen Maintenance of SSL LED sources IS: 16105:2012
31 Compact Fluorescent Lamps ANSI C78.5: 2003 & IES LM-65-10
32 Reflector Type Lamps IES LM-20-13 & IES LM-58: 2013
33 General Service Incandescent Filament Lamps IES LM -45-15
34 Outdoor Fluorescent Luminaires IES LM -10-96
35 Roadway Luminaires IES LM -31-95