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Metals & Alloys

Metal and Alloys are the key materials for any product manufacturing or processes of construction of structure, building of machinery or processing raw materials into finished products. Equipment and Components in the infrastructure areas like power Plants, large scale/heavy industry do come across different operating conditions and demonstrate effects of various processes depending on the stress & strain and life cycle.

BTH test facility in examining the several parts/components made of metals & alloys through physical, Chemical non-destructive, XRF etc methods by employing recommended methods and instruments.

In India, BTH lab services is adequately equipped to test various metals and alloys for Qualitative and Quantitative analysis as per the various related Indian standards as well as customer’s requirements that also covers raw materials and finished goods.

S.No.  Ferro Alloys Related Standards
01 Ferro Chromium complete Chromium only IS: 13452 (Pt.1-7)
02 Ferro Manganese complete Manganese only IS: 13938:1,3,4 IS: 1559:1961
03 Ferro Molybdenum complete Molybdenum only IS: 12614
04 Ferroboron Boron only IS: 3013 IS:3296
05 Ferro Silicon complete Silicon only IS: 1559 (Pt.1-7)
06 Ferrosilicochromium complete
Chromium and Silicon only
IS 2024
IS 2020
07 Ferrosilicomagnesium
Silicon and magnesium only
IS: 13164
IS: 14529
08 Ferrossilicozirconium
Silicon and zirconium and iron only
IS: 3011
IS: 15396
09 Ferro Titanium complete Titanium only IS: 1468: 2000
IS: 13840(Pt. 1-5):1999 Primary elements
Incdg. supplementary
Titanium only
10 Ferro Tungsten complete
Tungsten only
IS: 1467:1993
IS: 1559:1961
11 Ferro Vanadium complete
Vanadium only
IS: 1466-1985
IS: 1559:1961
12 Ferro phosphorus Complete (requires C and P only) Phosphorus only IS: 1471
IS: 1559:1961
13 Silicomanganese
Complete Silicon and manganese only
IS: 1470
IS: 1559:1961
S.No.  Test Parameters Related Standards
01 Physical Tests As per IS
02 Chemical Test IS: 504; IS: 228;IS: 440/IS: 3685/IS 4027;IS: 12308(PT 4) IS: 228
Metals & Alloys Package Charges(As Per IS Code)
S.No.  Product Category Related Standards
01 C.I. Pipe IS: 1536 (Except
hydraulic pressure test)
02 MS Pipe IS: 1161 IS: 3589 & IS: 3601
03 Galvanized plain/corrugated Sheet
w/o base metal tests
with base metal tests
IS: 277 IS: 513 /1079
04 MS Sheet CR/HR IS 513/1079
05 Pig Lead IS 782
06 Pipe Black plain End Galvanized Plain End Galvanized screwed Socketed IS: 1239
07 Structural Steel IS: 2062
08 Structural Steel strictly as per BIS w/o impact test with impact test IS: 2062
09 TOR / TMT Steel IS: 1786
10 TOR/TMT Steel Chemical test only(C,S,P) IS: 1786
11 TOR /TMT steel Including Pull out & Nitrogen Test IS: 1786 /2770 (pt.1)
12 TOR /TMT Steel Physical test only w/o pullout IS: 1786
S.No.  Particulurs Related Standards
01 Anodic Coating Thickness IS 5523/IS 6012
02 Chromae conversion coating IS 11232/IS 9838
03 Electro Plating Thickness
(Cu ,Ni, Cr, Cd, Ag, Sn, Zn) each
IS 3203
04 Galvanizing Adhesion IS:2633:1998
05 Galvanizing Thickness IS: 4826:1998
06 Galvanizing Uniformity IS:2633:1998
07 Mercurous Nitrate Test IS:2305:1998
08 Paint Coating IS 101 P3S1
09 Phosphate conversion Coating IS:14503/IS 9838
10 Powder Coating IS 13871
11 Salt Spray Test for 24 hours Additional 24 hours or part IS:9844:1999