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Petroleum Products, Coal, Coke & Solid Fuels

BTH in its core testing services endeavors, the test facility for analyzing various category of petroleum products was also included covering HSD, LDO, Lubricating oils, Fuel oil, Turbine oils, Insulating oils and Hydraulic oils as well as related products of petroleum.

This was due to sustained growing demand of the petroleum products, thus necessity for verification of quality of these products was felt based on the requirement of relevant Indian Standards to benefit the end-users.

In India, BTH has been meeting the testing requirements of regular customers including institutional category where the analysis are carried out as per the Indian Standards requirements.

The existing test facility was also added with the testing for variety of Coals & Cokes where the test methods/instruments are closely related to the petroleum products. For Details, see table below:

Petroleum Products

S.No.  Petroleum Products Related Standards
01 HSD,LDO,Lubricating oils,Greases, Fuel Oil,Turbine Oil, Insulating Oil, Hydraulic Oils etc. IS 1448 (pt.1 to pt. 45) Selective as per IS
02 Chemical Test As per BIS Specifaction
03 Micro-Biological Test As per BIS Specifaction
S.No.  Coal, Coke & Solid Fuels Products Related Standards
01 Physical Test ASTM D 1857; IS 1350 (pt I,II &IV) ; IS 4433 & IS 437
02 Chemical Test IS 1350 (pt. I & IV) & IS 1355
03 Complete Tests IS 1060