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Pollution : Air & Water

To serve the select group of Customers/institutions, BTH also added to its existing test facility for analysis of different category of waters that includes drinking water, Swimming pool water, Waste/effluent water as well as ambient Air quality excluding sampling. These services to the customers have been provided from time to time depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Bharat Test House has substantial experience in the completion of certain studies in the area of environment at select locations in India. Several studies have been undertaken during the recent years.

Bharat Test House is equipped with recommended/required analytical equipment for various analytical applications in the field of pollution testing. BTH is having experienced professionals with wider experience in the respective areas.

Bharat Test House is serving the needs of various clients with test facility for water quality where customers like producers, hotels, hospitals, schools, PSUs etc are utilizing our facility.

S.No.  Tests Parameters Related Standards
01 Acid Mist,Carbon Disulphide,HCL,NOX,Non Respirable Dust Particulate Matter,Respirable Dust Particulate Matter,SO2 & SPM IS 5182
02 Ammonia Distillation
03 Cadmium,Carbondioxide,CO,Chromium,Cyanide,Lead, Manganese,Mercury,Total Hydrocarbons as Methane,Zinc Chemical
04 Chlorine Titri metric
05 Chromic Acid Mist,Formaldehyde G.C.
06 Hydrogen Sulphide Colori metric
Water & Waste Water  
01 Physical, Chemical, Microbial,Compounds,Metals,Toxic Materials etc… IS 3025 (pt 1 to pt 49); AAS; IS 2488(pt1,5 & pt 26) IS 1622 & APHA
Water As Per IS Code / Specs.  
01 Construction Water (As per IS 456) IS 3025
02 Drinking Water As per IS 10500 1991& 2012(Table 1,2 & 6) IS 3025 / IS 1622
03 Effluents IS 3025
04 Swimming Pool Water IS 3025 / IS 1622