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Radio Frequency (RF) Testing

  • RF technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world with the everlasting demand for more compact RF devices. Improvements in the RF technology have led a new foundation to the cellular technologies, Internet of things, satellite communication and even in military and medical field applications.
  • Many types of wireless devices make use of RF technology. Cordless and cell phones, radio and television broadcast stations, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, satellite communications systems and two-way radio communication system, all operate in the RF spectrum. In addition, other appliances outside of communications including microwave ovens and garage-door openers operate at radio frequencies. Some wireless devices like TV remote controls, some cordless computer keyboards and computer mice, operate at IR frequencies, which have shorter electromagnetic wavelengths.
  • In order to limit the misuse of radio frequency bands and to make sure the radiation exposure from the radio waves is not harmful to the living beings, many countries around the world has set their own rules and standards, where any wireless devices which has to be manufactured or imported for a commercial use must comply with the directives, rules or standards applicable to the territory. As per Indian telecom regulatory requirements, wireless device manufacturer or importer must undergo rules led by Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) before marketing their products inside India.
  • Bharat Test House is one of the few labs in India capable of performing RF regulatory compliance testing of intentional emissions from wireless devices as per the standards defined by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) and has been designated as the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) to perform the following technical requirements as listed in TEC website. BTH has joined a exclusively club of RF (Radio Frequency) testing lab in india, covering various RF (Radio Frequency) Antenna testing which are integral part of telecom & wireless application covering wide band of RF (Radio Frequency).
    • New Standard on Radio Devices in unlicensed band (2.4 GHz) SD/RAD-01/01.SEP 2005