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Rubber & Polymer (Plastic) Products

BTH being in the core business of production and testing of rubber, polymers, plastics & related products, has the adequate test facility to meet the industries’ demand for various test parameters required to be analyzed as per the Indian standards or clients specific requirements. It has catered to the customer's needs right from its inception and continues to serve the regular customers associated with the manufacturing of different category of rubber, polymer, plastics and related products to analyze their composition, strength, durability, life etc

Polymers constitutes broad composition of materials that included rubber, resins, plastics and fibers. They have vast usage in various sectors of life from domestic to industrial applications. Testing and verification of polymers are necessary to examine the quality and performance of materials and products manufactured of them. BTH offer broad range of testing services to various sectors.

BTH key emphasis is on the product/Raw material producing industries that want to test their Product or Raw material for certification, research, identification of the nature or composition of competitors/market-picked products.

Rubber Products
S.No. Tests Related Standards
1 Qualitative Tests IS 3400-pt 1 to pt 24 (Selective as per IS) ; IS 443; IS 3708 & IS 4663
Plastic & Polymer Products
1 Qualitative Tests IS 7328/ASTM D 1603; ASTM D 2843;IS 3400 (pt 22); ASTM DE 2584/IS 3400 (pt 22); ASTM D 2863; IS 11246;IS 9845; ASTM D 3677; IS 4985/ASTM D 543; IS 12235(pt 5)/IS 4985 & ASTM D -1303 ISO 182-1 to 4(polymers)