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Soaps & Detergents

Soaps & Detergents is one of the top selling & fast moving category of FMCG products. Looking into the demand of industry in the Soaps and Toiletries categories of products, it was felt to enhance the existing test facility to be able to test/analyze samples of Laundry/Toilet/Detergent Soaps as well as Detergent powders. Since there are some prominent regional and national manufacturers in this discipline, the test facility was created by BTH and made operational to assist the industry as well other potential customers for analysis of Soaps and Detergents.

India is one of the Largest producer and consumer of the Soaps & detergents.

S.No.  Product Category Related Standards
01 Carbolic soap IS: 7546
02 Cleaning powder IS: 6047
03 Laundry powder IS: 2887
04 Liquid detergent IS: 4956
05 Liquid soap IS: 4199
06 Shaving soap IS: 5784
07 Synthetic detergent powder IS: 4955
08 Toilet soap IS: 2888 or IS: 284
09 Toilet soap, transparent IS: 839
10 Washing soap IS: 285