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Solar & PV Modules

BTHPL has very recently made operational its newly installed test facility for testing of Solar Photo-Voltaic (SPV) complete system especially SPV Panels.

It is a very sophisticated test set-up especially solar simulator where bright sunlight of very high intensity is produced to simulate, test & verify the performance of Solar PV panels. The accredited facility cover the following qualitative tests for the solar PV system:

  • Visual inspection
  • Maximum Power Determination
  • Insulation Test
  • Measurement of Temperature Coefficient
  • Measurement of NOCT
  • Performance at STC and NOCT
  • Performance at low irradiance
  • Outdoor Exposure Test
  • Hot-Spot Endurance Test
  • UV Preconditioning
  • Thermal Cycling Test
  • Humidity Freeze Test
  • Damp Heat Test
  • Robustness of Termination Test
  • Wet leakage Current Test
  • Mechanical Load Test
  • Hail Test
  • Bypass Diode Thermal Test

Mandatory Certification of Solar PV Systems: Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India notified a Quality Control order for solar Photovoltaic systems, Devices and Components Goods Order 2017. As per the order, the solar PV modules, like other BIS marked products, have become mandatory from 1st April 2018. Therefore, SPVs needs to be tested and sold under BIS Certification Scheme