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Wireless Devices

Wireless devices have found its wider applications across variety of very high tech products (Keyboard, Scanners, Laptops, and Printers etc.) to very low-end products including electronic toys. Many products operated on electrical power, can be operated through the wireless devices namely Wi-Fi routers/modems, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless headphones, wireless smart watches, Wi-Fi USB pen-drives, wireless speakers etc primarily for Convenience and Safety of human beings. Now a day, even Pedestal/Ceiling fans can also be operated through the wireless control instead of manual control. Hence, Safety is also a matter of concern since it radiates certain amount of power. To address this issue, BTH lab has also added test facility as per WPC(Wireless Planning and Coordination) requirements under ETA(Equipment Type Approval) to examine operations, performance and safety of wireless devices. BTH lab is one of the few testing lab in india which provides lab testing facility for the products which have under notified Indian Standards (IS) as per WPC requirements like Bluetooth & Wireless Devices. The EMC/EMI test lab facility would also cover tests on various low power wireless devices are being widely used in the IT & Electronic where EMC is essential to comply as per WPC requirement products for satisfactory remote operations as per IS/IEC/EN/WPC/TEC requirements.

The current test facility is mainly consisting of testing of Wireless & Bluetooth devices as per WPC, of Ministry of Communication & Information Technology requirements for all wireless equipments, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices covering Wi-Fi routers/modems, wireless mouse & keyboard and headphones, wireless smart watches, Wi-Fi USBs, pen-drives, wireless speakers, etc. BTH Lab has the test facility as per WPC open to the domestic & overseas manufacturers who plans to sell their products in India after getting tested and obtaining approval from WPCWPC ETA Approval is mandatory from WPC for the low power fixed frequency wireless operated devices.

Following Test parameters have been accredited under Wireless Devices:

  • Peak radiated power
  • Peak power spectral density
  • Bandwidth 6dB and 20dB
  • Frequency ranges and details of channels
  • Spurious/harmonic emissions (Conducted & Radiated)

Telecom Devices

BTH lab is accredited for Testing of Telecom Devices, Equipment & Accessories under IS 13252 under IT & Electronics Equipment by considering the requirements of TEC (Telecom Engineering Centre) under Ministry of Telecom. BTH Laboratory is one of the few Telecom devices testing lab in india which have test facility for the products or IS (Indian Standards) which has obtained registration under TEC (Telecom Engineering Centre) or MTCTE (Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments). Accordingly, the test facility has been enhanced to meet the GR & IR requirements as per TEC test specifications that mainly cover Electronics Safety and EMI/EMC Compliance for Telecom products/Accessories.

BTHPL test facility is domestic designated as CAB(Conformity Assessment Body) by TEC(Telecom Engineering Center) DOT(Department Of Telecom) Govt. in india, to examine Telecom Devices’ Operation, Performance & Safety. Telecom facility is equipped with Combined Telecom Equipment Tester (Herman Laboratory Tele-conformance Analyzer). The facility also includes EMC Compliance required for TEC including CISPR 11 and CISPR 22, CISPR 32, ITU Standard Testing and CE Marking facility for all the Telecom Equipment.

As per latest Gazette notification by DOT, "TEC will be implementing mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment, prior to sale/import/use in the country, is under consideration in Department of Telecommunications telecom equipments manufacturers are obliged to go for TEC registration by testing in the TEC approved laboratories designated as CABs, who will test and certified the telecom equipments conforming to TEC specification /requirements ”. The Essential Requirements (ER) to be complied for the purpose of certification under this procedure would be:

  1. General Requirements: a) EMI/EMC b) Safety
  2. Security Requirements
  3. Technical Requirements
  4. Other Requirements: SAR, ROHS, IPv6 etc.

Bharat Test House (P) Ltd (BTHPL) has been recently designated as Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for Safety EMI/EMC Testing of Telecom Equipment, by Telecom Engineering Center (TEC), Department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India.

BTH is now a TEC designated as CAB lab for the following Test parameters are NABL accredited for Telecom Equipment:

  • Surge
  • Leakage Current
  • Signal Power Limitations
  • Longitudinal Balance
  • On Hook Impedance
  • Pulse Shape
  • Line Rate accuracy
  • B8DZ Coding
  • Pulse Shape
  • Power Level
  • Maximum peak to peak jitter at output port
  • Jitter tolerance
  • Bit rate accuracy(75 & 120 ohm)
  • HDB3 Coding (120 ohm)
  • Pulse Shape (75 & 120 ohm)
  • Maximum peak to peak jitter at output port (120 ohm)
  • Maximum peak to peak jitter at output port (75 ohm)
  • Return Loss at output port (75 &120 ohm)
  • Receiver Sensitivity (75 & 120 ohm)
  • Jitter Tolerance (120 ohm)
  • Jitter Tolerance (75 ohm)
  • Return Loss at input port ( 75 &120 ohm)
  • Immunity against signal reflections (75 & 120 ohm)
  • Longitude Balance (75 & 120 ohm)
  • Transverse Balance (75 & 120 ohm)
  • Pulse Code Modulation