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Toys Testing - Safety

Depending upon the concerns raised from various quarters especially on Safety from Toxic Materials used in the manufacturing of Toys, all imported Toys have been made mandatory to undergo sample testing as per the notification of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce & industry, Govt. of India.

Based on the expanding horizon of the testing facilities, BTH Labs have also entered into a new area of testing where all types of Toys are tested as per national and international standards. The scope of testing covers Safety of materials, Wash-ability, Various strengths & Mechanisms, Electrical Safety & Quality Tests, Stability, Durability, Sharp Edges, Abuse tests, Magnetic tests, Projectiles, Flammability, Environmental Tests etc. The specifications as applicable to the Toys are IS 9873: 2017/ISO 8124 and IS 15644:2006/IEC 62115:2003.

BTH has timely served various manufacturers/Importers/distributors at critical stages, at the time when it was needed most by them to get their consignments released from Customs, based on producing the Test reports. BTH continues to serve them from time to time as based on the requirement at regular intervals.