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Tyre Testing

Pneumatic Tyres for the automotive vehicles is very important in the Safety of the vehicle and occupants. Examining the Performance especially endurance of tyre and tyre construction is critical in determining their real-time performance on the drive, handling and safety of all the vehicles including Scooters, Motor-bikes, Auto-rickshaw, Cars & commercial vehicles.

BTHPL is equipped with tyre testing facility and accredited by NABL for testing automotive vehicle - pneumatic tyres for passenger vehicle (Diagonal & Radial Ply) IS 15633:2005, automotive vehicle - pneumatic tyres for two & three wheeled motor vehicle (Diagonal & Radial Ply) IS 15627:2005, automotive vehicle - pneumatic tyres for commercial vehicle (Diagonal & Radial Ply) IS 15636:2005.

Scope of Testing:

  • Endurance Test
  • Tyre Strength (Plunger Test)
  • High Speed Test (Load Speed)
  • Dimensions (Over all Diameter)
  • Section Width
  • Tread Wear Indicator