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WC & Sanitarywares

Bharat Test House has been enlisted with the IAPMO India(International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) for Product Certification of Plumbing & WC (Water Closet) Sanitary Wares as per the requisite standard’s requirements. The test facility covers different WC & Sanitary-ware products including sub-assemblies/units/plumbings namely Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – (WC Pans, Bidet, Squatting pans, Urinals, partition plates, pedestals, short pedestals, wash basins, Laboratory sinks, drinking fountains, flushing cistern and covers) IS 2556 P1-15, Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures ASME A11.2:19.2:2008/CSA B-45.1-08

S.No.  Test Parameter of IS:2556 P1-15 & ASME A-11.2:19.2:08/CSA B-45.1-08* Test Clause
01 Application of  glazing (Cl-11)
02 Blemish/Defects:Wavy Finish:Discolouration: Spots: Blisters & Pin hole: Bubbles & Specks: Visible surface other than above:Polishing marks:Minimum  thickness at any point 4.1.1 of ASME A11.2:19.2:2008 CSA B-45.1-08 Clause 6 of IS 2556 (P1):1994
03 Warpage & Crazing IS 2556 P1: 6.2 & 6.4 of ASME A11.2:19.2:/ CSA B-45.1
04 Water absorption & Modulus of rupture IS 2556;P1 ASME A11.2:19.2 CSA B-45.1
05 Chem.resistance& Resistance to stains & burns Annex B&C of IS: 2556 P1
06 Field installed flange test & Overflow test 6.5 ,6.6 /6.9 of ASME/ CSA B-45.1
07 Construction & Dimensions Pt 1 to 9 and 14 to 17 of IS 2556
08 Load bearing capacity Structural integrity test IS 2556 P2;P8;P9;P15;P16; P17&ASME A11.2:19.2/CSA B-45.1
09 Joint seal test & Auger test ASME A11.2:19.2/ CSA B-45.1
10 Toilet Paper test & Smudge test IS 2556 P2;P3;P8;P14;P15 &P16
11 Holding capacity test & Ball test Granule & ball IS 2556 P2;P8;P14;P15;P16; ASME A11.2:19.2/ CSA B-45.1
12 Saw Dust test IS 2556 P2;P3;P15
13 Trap seal Depth determination & restoration ASME A11.2:19.2:08/ CSA B-45.1
14 Water consumption & Surface wash test ASME A11.2:19.2:08 CSA B-45.1
15 Mixed media&Drain line trnspt characterization ASME A11.2:19.2 CSA B-45.1
16 Dye test Cleanability & Finish ASME A11.2:19.2 CSA B-45.1-08/. IS 2556 Pt6; 1 to 9 & 14 to 17
17 Splash test* IS 2556 P2;P3;P15

* NABL Inspection Completed & Aproval Awaited