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Wood, Wood Products and Pulp Papers

Wood, Wood Products:

BTH felt the need to have the test facility to meet the growing demand of various customers for Wood & Wood products especially institutional customers that have the obligation for certification for bulk sourcing/bulk procurement of approved products. Therefore looking into the necessity, test facility was established to conduct various Mechanical, Chemical and Environmental tests for Wood & Woods products as per Indian Standards requirements. The accredited test facility that is being utilized by the regular customers is as per the scope of relevant Indian Specifications.

Pulp Papers:

Looking into the demand for the test facility to test various test parameters needs to judge the Quality of the papers as well as related material/product, the test facility of BTH was expanded to cover testing of different papers. The accredited test services are available to the manufacturers for various Quality parameters to test different types of papers

S.No.  Wood Products Test Standards
01 Block Boards Complete IS 1659
02 Flush Door Shutter IS – 2202 (Pt.1)
03 LVL Door Shutter IS 14616
04 Plywood Complete IS 303
05 Prelaminated Particle Board IS 12823
S.No.  Tests Parameters (pulp & paper) Related Standards
01 Physical Test IS 1060
02 Chemical Test IS 1060
03 Related Tests IS 1060